Ayverie’s Story

Meet Ayverie and Valerie

They have been on their childhood cancer journey since 2013 when doctors diagnosed Ayverie with Medulloblastoma one day after her 8th birthday. They share their story with Childhood Cancer Canada and other families that might be going through similar circumstances.

Ayverie and her loving medical staff dealt courageously with Medulloblastoma (brain cancer) for over 6 years until it claimed her young life. Ayverie was stubborn, feisty, witty, sarcastic and hilarious. Her uncoordinated dance moves, booming voice, dimpled smile, infectious laugh, humble giving heart moved everyone who knew her. She was the Toronto Raptors and Raptors 905’s biggest fan, competitive in everything she did as reflected in her willingness to kick anyone’s butt at UNO. Her natural curiosity made her a great skier, cook, bike rider, seamstress and student. Ayverie’s LOVE for everyone and everything will be missed.