Beautiful Ayverie

Ayverie a beautiful and strong little girl is my inspiration for this month. Well maybe for longer than that.

On January 20 Ayverie started throwing-up (which her mother thought was the flu). On January 31, after 2 trips to the emergency room and numerous vists/call with their family doctor, Ayverie was sent back to the ER to see a pediatric doctor. They did a CT scan and found a 5cm mass on the back of Ayverie’s cerebral cortex. Ayverie and her mother were rushed by ambulance (which Ayverie loved every minute of) to McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton. The next day Ayverie had surgery to remove the tumour sitting on the back of her brain. On February 8, they received her official diagnoses, madulloblastom – an aggressive tumour and on February 28, Ayverie began radiation and chemotherapy.

On April 27, Ayverie’s Mom, Valerie, did something super couragous and selfless. She shaved her head in honour of her daugther. It all started when Valerie told Ayverie that she had cancer and she was going to loose her hair she said to her mom…… Ok Mommy. A couple hours later she came to Valerie and asked if she would cut her hair and sell it to someone that needs hair. Donations of this event all went to the McMaster Children’s Hospital of Hamilton, where Ayverie is treated.

I plan on doing another session with Valerie and Ayverie once she is in remission. She is about to start approximately 6 months of chemotherapy in June. Ayverie is one of a kind. She is full of everything an 8 year old should be. We love her and support her.

If you would like to follow Ayverie’s Journey, log on to her facebook page, Ayverie’s Journey